20 years! Mission Accomplished!

It is with great pride in how far we have come that the Board of Directors is reassessing the mission of the Nicole Saint-Louis Foundation.

Indeed, times are changing, so are the needs. The number of scholarship applications has decreased drastically... and consequently the Foundation will end its Scholarship program.


The Foundation is therefore celebrating its 20th anniversary with the conviction of having accomplished its mission. It will terminate activities in 2022, focusing until then on the advancement of the evangelical Christian faith, in memory of Nicole.


Origins of the Foundation?

The Fondation Nicole-Saint-Louis was established in 2001 in memory of Nicole Saint-Louis who died of cancer at the age of twenty-four.  Because of her compassion and Christian testimony, family members decided to establish a charitable organization...

"The blessing of the Lord brings wealth." Proverb of Salomon 10:22